Why, hello there. If you’ve stumbled across this blog, it’s probably either because you typed in the wrong URL in your browser or because it’s 3 am and you’re tired of watching cat videos on YouTube while you eat pistachios bought in bulk from Costco. But either way, I welcome you. I created this blog at the risk of being perceived as some egotistical college freshman brat who thinks people actually care about my opinions or as some conflicted kid with an identity crisis who needs a forum to voice my teen angst. First of all, don’t judge me—you’re the one watching the cat videos and eating the comfort food. Secondly, the reason I created this blog was because I hope to one day be a writer and change the world and (insert cliché of your choice here). The truth is, I want to tell stories. I was given some advice that a blog is a good place to start. So if, you know, you happen to be a multi-million dollar publisher or film director or are a second cousin to any such person, hit me up. It’d be cool. I can roll with that. You can contact me…I’m available anytime except 5-6 in the evening which I reserve for my daily nervous breakdown.

Oh and if you haven’t caught on already, don’t take much of anything I say seriously. I like to write and my preferred literary device is smart-assery so a lot of that will be going on—not every time but probably a lot of times. Like maybe 8 out of 10 times. Or 20.320 times out of 25.400 times for all of you out there who are on the metric system. Anyways…I think the world is a funny place….well, at least my world is. So if you think you can handle it you better buckle up, keep your arms and legs in the compartment at all times, stow your personal belongings in the appointed bin, keep down that funnel cake, and enjoy the ride.


3 thoughts on “Hellur

  1. Hey Ash: Loved everything you had to say in your blogs.You are right on about some movies for kids. Also the cartoons are not for little kids, it makes them have nightmares. I look forward to reading more blogs. Keep up the good work. Stay safe & keep writing. you sure have a knack for it. I will keep on checking you out. Love you, Aunt Linda

    • Hi there Mary! I’m so glad you asked….I’m no one in particular really. I’m just a college kid who loves to write and flatters herself by thinking that other people might like to read it (ha!). Check back at the end of the week and I’ll hopefully have a new post up. If you click the “Follow Just Humor Me Please” button in the sidebar you’ll get an email when I post new stuff. I hope you have a lovely week!

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